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Stealth Genetics Startup 2


Stealth Genetics Startup

Web App, 2018

For this new genetics service, I chose to use different faces in different tints to represent the phenotypic variety our genes are responsible for. The image also communicates that chronic disease can affect us all, regardless of age, race, or gender.


Health Reports screen

This new service focuses on gene variants linked to specific diseases, organs, and symptoms. Adding icons and color livened up what could have been an especially dull list.


Disease Report Screen

The challenge here was how to make what could have been an all-text screen more visually interesting. Each gene in the report is represented with a strand of DNA and color coded to indicate whether the user has a mutation or not. The user instantly knows their test results, and can explore how their gene mutations may be affecting their health.


Gene Report Screen

Each gene we look at has a few possible mutations. We list them and show which one(s) a user has, then immediately explain what it means, how common it is, what the effect is, and what they can do about it.


Note: This service is launching in 2019, but it is in stealth mode currently.