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The System

The System

ios App, 2017

  • WHAT: The System is an opinionated personal finance app that shows you how to use your money to climb the financial ladder.

  • HOW: The System automatically partitions your checking account into 3 categories--For Bills, For Spending, and for Goals--then tells you what goals to target in what order.

  • WHY: An astonishing 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Getting ahead requires significant discipline and financial savvy and and few have both.

  • WHO: This app is targeting single, salaried Millennials who feel overwhelmed and stressed out about getting their finances in order.

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Once a user links their accounts, The System automatically determines their income and bills, then suggests an amount they can put towards Goals. What's left over is their guilt-free spending money.

SU--All Minus PaycheckPlan.png



Your checking account is organized into stacks for Spending, Bills, and Goals




The System tells you exactly how much you can afford to spend until payday. It even gives you a daily average so you can pace yourself.




Money is earmarked for upcoming bills so you always have enough to pay in full and on time.




Any remaining money is earmarked for financial goals in this order: First Pay off debt, then Build an Emergency Fund, and finally Invest.

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